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How does the garden grow?


Hayfield Community Garden in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, is a social space for people who like gardens, operates on organic principles and is included in neighbouring Racquety Farm's existing Soil Association accreditation. We grow a mix of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers which are sold at the garden and through local shops, or are taken home by participants. Income from sales is re-invested in the garden. 

The site includes a geodesic poly-dome. This allows for a wider range of crops to be grown and extends the growing season, whilst also acting as a shelter on rainy days. The site also has a caravan and shed that provides storage, compost toilets and basic kitchen facilities. 

Hayfield Community Garden Hay
Start up of Hayfield Garden in 2010
The Start Up

In April 2010 a small group of like-minded folk, with a desire to increase localised food production clubbed together to rent half an acre of land at Racquety Farm. Just over the River Wye, only a 5 minute walk from Hay town centre, the Hayfield garden is a hub of community activity which aims to create a beautiful and productive social space rich in biodiversity.

Hay town view from Hay Castle looking towards the garden
           The Land

The land offers an ideal location for the community garden being within walking distance for local residents of Hay and Clyro and is fertile, southerly-facing horticultural land which has been managed organically for a number of years.

Hayfield Community Garden Produce
The Beautiful setting of Hayfield Community Garden, Hay
How can I join in?

You can come and join in activities at the Hayfield community garden to suit yourself. If you have time and energy you can get involved in physical work at the garden. If you have time but less physical energy you can help with simple tasks like watering plants or liaising with shops and customers for produce. You can socialise with others who enjoy being outdoors. You can join in when you are able, no matter how infrequently. Click here to contact us.

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